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A digital notepad for your pocket & your tablet

Quyre builds on a familiar notepad experience to provide a fast, elegant digital notepad with each note just a flick of a finger, or thumb, away. Quickly capture and jot down notes. Tag with a few keywords and get back to your busy life.

Quyre not only makes jotting down notes effortless it also makes finding them a breeze even if all your notes live in the same notepad. Search your notes via quyre's full-text search and that note is just a tap away. Spotlight integration means that so you can quickly find notes you've entered into Quyre without having to launch the app.

Quyre can slice & dice your notepads into bite-sized collections when you tag your notes with keywords. Flip the note, type in a few keywords and quyre will let you filter a notepad to just those notes you want to review.

For the extremely organised even the notes in a quyre notepad can be lovingly re-ordered via drag and drop!

Jot down notes with panache.

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  • uncluttered & familiar user experience
  • effortless navigation of your notes via simple, intuitive, gestures
  • quickly capture & create notes
  • quickly categorise notes by tagging with keywords
  • drag notes around to rearrange the contents of a notepad
  • share a note's contents via clipboard or email
  • filter your notes according to their keyword tagging
  • find notes fast with full text search
  • Spotlight integration to search content outside of the app
  • multi-tasking support on iPad
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